supernova glide!


i’ve put off buying new running shoes for WAY too long. i’ve been in my current pair for two years. my legs and feet curse me every time i put them on.

i’ve been lusting after a pair of shoes for a few weeks, so i went to try them on and found out my shoe store didn’t have them and wouldn’t until june. i asked if they could place a special order for me because i didn’t want to wait that long. apparently adidas didn’t make enough of these to keep up with their demand. luckily my store was able to snag a pair for me and they got here yesterday!

apparently these are the best shoes ever created because of the boost material adidas invented.

i took them for a test run after work and i think i’m really going to enjoy them!

10 year anniversary of the best day ever!


ten years ago today, i went camping with some dear friends and a stranger named casey. i’d seen him around church and heard lots about him through mutual friends and always thought he seemed like a cool guy, so i was excited to meet him. plus, i liked the way he looked.

on our way to the campsite, the group stopped for lunch at freebirds. i sat diagonally across from casey and scoped him out. i liked his long hair and his beard and his jewelry made from torn bandannas (hahaha). once back in the car with brittnee, i was all, “casey seems cool. he’s cute, right? i think he’s cute. he’s funny.”

once we got to the site and set up camp, we all hung out and did stuff people do on camping trips. i don’t remember all the details, but i do remember casey making everyone laugh a lot. he also noticed i was cold and gave me his sweatshirt. awwwww.

casey had to leave early, which was a bummer, but when i got back to campus the next evening, i had an AIM message from casey telling me to let him know when i was back because he wanted to hang out with me.

we’ve been hanging out ever since.


red devils


stuff has happened since my last post. exciting stuff like…

  • our dogs got their teeth cleaned.
  • we saw yellow ostrich at bottletree.
  • casey turned 34!
  • we saw nate play at t. wayne’s bbq
  • we day partied for casey’s birthday.
  • bobby visited for a weekend.
  • bobby ran a 50k!
  • we went to the first farmers’ market in our neighborhood.
  • casey got his hair cut!
  • we had dinner with the mezzell squad.

moving right along…

y’all, this time of year is terrifying for me because of these:


they’re always out to get me. ALWAYS. a few weeks ago, there was one waiting for me in our bathroom. last week there was one waiting for me by my car door. there was also one blocking me from getting into the house. they’re jerks. nothing but a bunch of jerks!

gum nutrients.


i had a dream last night that my four bottom front teeth fell out. i went to the dentist and he told me they fell out because i eat too fast so my gums don’t have time to absorb the nutrients they need to be strong enough to hold my teeth in.