blog hog

i feel like casey has taken over thepattons with all his designated blogging days.
i always want to blog but i feel weird doing it because i dont have “the life of sheena thursday.” so i’ve started my own blog and now i can blog on whatever day i want.

i finished school last thursday! this semester went pretty good. it was way way better than last semester. i still procrastinated like crazy but i was a lot less stressed. i got inducted into three honor societies this (academic) year: Golden Key International Honor Society,
Sigma Tau Delta (The International English Honor Society), and Phi Kappa Phi. I don’t have my grades for this semester yet. i know i made an A in aerobics though. the other two classes i’m not sure but all in all this was an enjoyable semester. i have a month off before summer school starts and i want to be productive with that time. we’ll see what happens.

ashley and i went swimming at the rec center today. it was funny. i successfully swam against the lazy river current. it should be called a raging river though. it was moving so fast and it was really hard, but i finally did it.  it only took me 15 minutes. then we sat in the hot tub and then we sat in the sauna. it was hot. now we are both wasting time on the computer while casey and reid finish their boring movie. i guess i’ll start cooking dinner – turkey burgers, beans, and salad. yummers. then it will be time for ice cream and the soup!

farewell my loves.



  1. amy · May 4, 2008


  2. Rita · May 5, 2008

    I will be very happy to read what is going on in Sheena’s world!

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