yesterday was a good day.
i went to work, then to an interview, then to the rec center to do some classes, then home for dinner and ice cream! my interview was with a staffing place. the girl i talked to said i was a perfect candidate and then i heard from a friend that works there that she already sent my resume to some company. and the girl trying to find me a job is the number one person in her field for finding people jobs. so hopefully i’ll have a new job soon! i’m kinda sad about leaving amy head. i really love it there but there is just one part of the job that i cant stand and it cant be reconciled. plus i need a full time job anyway, so it’s time for me to move on.

tonight is going to be fun! first i have an online wife swap date with amy. then i’m going to do something with someone but i cant say what because the fun part isn’t happening to me and i want the person it is happening to to be the first to announce it to the blogging world. that sentence had a lot of the word “to.”

after work i’m going to a class at the rec center called TBC or total body conditioning.  wish me luck!

peace out.



  1. thepattons · May 7, 2008

    good luck!!!! i love you!

  2. debra · May 9, 2008

    what is an online wife swap date????? that sounds weird!

  3. jtothet · May 9, 2008

    mang!…all the rec classes…sheena you’re going to be ripped!

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