new job and first day

yes, i got a new job and today (technically yesterday…it’s 12:06am) was my first day. i am working for a company called founders investment banking. i am the receptionist/administrative assistant. i work M-F from 8:30 – 5. today was really overwhelming. well, i guess not really overwhelming…maybe just regular overwhelming. i just have a lot to learn and figure out. i think i’m going to be busy pretty much all the time…which is good because it will make the days go by faster. i’m hoping to get everything figured out before classes start so that i’ll be able to focus more on my school work. anyway, i’m super tired and need to go to bed. sorry this post wasn’t very detailed…if you have any questions about my new job just ask me.

sheena p



  1. kelsey · May 21, 2008

    are you going to miss making people beautiful?

  2. thepattons · May 21, 2008


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