morning: i woke up early to try out the gym in my office building…when i left the house it was raining. i got a little ways down the street and realized i forgot my lunch. so i turned around and i got to see a huge rainbow! maybe that’s why i forgot my lunch. my work out was pretty good. i haven’t worked out in probably two weeks so i got super tired super fast. it was still good though. so after my work out i went to go put gas in my car. as i was driving i started feeling like i was going to throw up. so i pulled over and got my car trash can but nothing happened so i went on to the gas station. about half way through pumping my gas i had to get my trash can again. this time i did throw up…it was weird.

day: work was pretty good today. i felt kinda shaky/queasy all day but luckily i never got sick again. i stayed busy all day which made the day go by faster. when i left work it was raining pretty hard and i left my rain jacket in the car (naturally) so i got wet. but then right when i closed my car door it started pouring! it was raining like crazy with loud thunders. i loved it. it’s still raining right now but not as hard. i got home and cooked pork, corn on the cob, and beans for dinner. it was tasty.

tonight: i want to clean out my clothes, clean up the house a bit, eat ice cream, and go to sleep!

and that was today.

sheena p.



  1. thepattons · May 28, 2008

    In my world everyone is a pony, and they all eat rainbows, and poop butterflies.

  2. ashley · May 28, 2008

    you know what they say about throwing up…it leads to a baby….just kidding. sorry you got sick, thats not fun

  3. thepattons · May 28, 2008

    is that where babies come from!?

  4. Ashley · May 28, 2008

    yes, from throw up. exactly. didn’t you mom teach you that? hello.

  5. jaredslack · May 28, 2008

    you’re pregnant! i’m telling everyone.

    you’re officially a blog now. after a couple weeks of close monitoring I have decided you deserve to be added to my “blogroll”.

    congrats. dues are to be given to me at the first of every month.


  6. thepattons · May 28, 2008

    yay! thanks jared!

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