sorry for the lack of posts lately…last week was busy!

as most of you know, i went to texas last weekend for my brothers high school graduation.
i had a great time. i love any chance i get to see my family and friends.
friday: me, my mom, and my brother went to a place called taco deli for lunch and it was awesome. it was very amy’s icecream/freebirds-esque (that won’t mean anything to most of you). i got the fish tacos and they were delicious. then we just hung out and me and my mom went to get manicures and pedicures…it was nice and relaxing. i love the color i got on my toes…its called hoodoo voodoo or something…its like a pinky red. friday i went downtown with my friend brittnee…it was fun…i miss/love austin a lot. it really is the coolest city.
saturday: i went to HEB and Costco with my mom to help her shop for Sunday brunch foods. we also went to target where i told my mom that since she doesn’t get to buy things for me as often as she used to she should buy stuff for me. it worked and she bought me two dresses and a pair of strappy flats. she bought the same shoes and a cute top for herself. we looked good! for dinner we went to fajita warehouse. i got fajitas…duh.  then we went to my grandparents house to play their wii. it was funny…my brother is way to competitive. we had pie for my aunt linda’s birthday. it was gooood.
sunday: the big day! we had family over for a brunch. on the menu: migas, hashbrown casserole, some other casserole, fruit, veggies, belgium waffles, mini muffins, mimosas, and of course a graduation cake. the cake had a picture of trevor on it. he ate his own face…it was pretty funny. i had a good time visiting with my family. after the brunch me and my dad hoped on his motorcycle and cruised (haha) to jamba juice to get free smoothies. mmm yummers. i wish birmingham had a jamba juice. HEY JAMBA JAMBA!  you should watch this if you haven’t seen it. *funny story: on the way back from jamba juice a huge gust of wind blew so hard that it undid the buttons on my dad’s shirt and his shirt was flapping open and his hairy chest was exposed for all to see…it was so funny.  we had to pull over so he could button his shirt. you should have seen it.* graduation was at 6pm and it was a typical graduation…my brother got lots and lots of cheers. he’s quite popular…he was prom king after all. we met up with him and took pictures then we went to red lobster for dinner.
summary: i am proud of my brother…he’s turning out to be a superb young man. if anyone is curious, his after HS plans are to go to ACC (austin community college) to get his EMT stuff then he’s going to be a fireman! he’s so brave. anyway, my trip to austin was short but wonderful…i wish it wasn’t 13 hours away so i could go more often.

this past saturday casey and i went up to chattanooga to celebrate our 2 year anniversary (it’s tomorrow if you want to send presents). we went to the aquarium and to the 3D imax. it was fun times. i think i liked the river part of the aquarium best. i really liked the butterfly room and of course the otters. we saw “whales and dolphins” at the imax. the 3D kinda hurt my eyes and my head…but it was still cool. after the aquarium fun we walked over the bridge to the other side of the river to look around in some neat shops. then we came back and walked around some more. we stopped at a candy store and i got some candy corn and it was abnormally good candy corn…like the best i’ve ever had. casey got his favorite…jawbreakers. then we ate dinner at mellow mushroom which is always always so so good. after dinner we sat on a bench and and listened to some bagpipes and people watched. then we looked around town some more and headed home. it was a good, fun day.

for those of you who haven’t heard, casey and i bought a scooter. we are going to end up spending like 8 dollars a month on gas for it. it’s going to pay for its self rather quickly.

work, birthday banana pudding at work, class, veggie delight in class, study, sleep.

sheena p.



  1. amymezzell · June 16, 2008

    Your post is wonderful. I’m proud! You only left out one thing: how much fun Bella had while you were gone.

    We also went to Red Lobster after my graduation, so your family must be smart.

    Your grandparents have a Wii?

    Take me to Austin with you next time!

  2. Rita · June 16, 2008

    Thanks for the newsy post!!! I am so glad your last two weekends were so fun!!!

  3. Casey · June 16, 2008

    woohoo for long/fun updates!

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