corn pudding and grammar

i had some corn pudding at lunch today and i can’t believe how good it is. if you’ve never had corn pudding i’m so sorry…i need to make you some.

i have to study tonight for my linguistics test tomorrow…i have to know stuff like past progressive tense and linking verbs and how to diagram stuff. somehow i never learned grammar in high school so this stuff is completely foreign. i have a long night ahead of me.

what is everyone doing for the 4th of july?



  1. thepattons · July 2, 2008

    i’ve had corn pone. it’s amazing.

    i’m hanging out with you for the 4th.

  2. amymezzell · July 2, 2008

    if you can’t be an american anymore, what do you want to be from now on?

  3. Rita · July 3, 2008

    Dare I tell you two that Dad and I both got 80% on the exam — yay for the ole folks!!!

  4. jared. · July 11, 2008


    you shouldn’t have even gotten to celebrate the 4th. i’m telling.

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