some recent pictures…enjoy!

in this picture casey is sleeping. those white balls all over him are
little pieces of paper that i threw at him. they were bouncing off his face
and i was laughing so hard (very quietly though).

this is casey waking up really confused.

this is the beautiful lady prince bella frances patton.

this is what she does to toys in 5 minutes. that is why we buy her
toys from the dollar store.

this is my desk.

and so is this.

this is my cute “work mug” that i got from the dollar store.  1 dollar!

this is me with some fake teeth.

this is just another normal moment between casey and i.

this is me and casey scooting to Edgewood creamery for some sweet sweet ice cream.

this is casey and amy floating.

this is casey and amy and brian.

this is casey doing something weird.

this is casey tipping over.

and again…

this is amy displaying her incredible balancing skills (i think she held
this position for 1 second).

this is brian diving…like a swan.

this is casey looking cute.

this is amy and brian. they are floating.

amy thinks she found some gold. oh brother.

this is me…I had to take one of myself so i’d be in at least one picture.

this is amy and brian. brian looks dead and amy looks excited…not because
brian is dead though.

oh no…now amy is dead! look at the anguish on brian’s face.

this is me trying to keep my eyes open. i failed. it was so bright!

this is bella…she doesnt like to swim.

this is bella…she loves the solid ground!

this is amy and bella…aww.

this is me and bella being friends.


this is a frame from a video i took last weekend. LIGHTENING!

ok that is all for now.


One comment

  1. amymezzell · July 11, 2008

    oh man oh man i can’t stop laughing! your captions should win some award for hilarity.

    whoa, it was. dang.

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