ben and hunger

at my “new” job i work with a guy named ben. he likes turkey sandwiches, pistachios, and the city of chicago. he’s really a genius and i think i heard he was worth 49 million dollars give or take some.

i’m hungry. today i brought yogurt and granola for lunch and when i was about to eat it i realized it was expired by one day. yes one day…i realize most normal people would have eaten it anyway but i have a weird thing with expiration dates. i won’t eat stuff the day before it expires. so i had some granola and cheese nips for lunch. jealous?

sheena p.



  1. kmcook · July 17, 2008

    i hate when lunch gets ruined, and you can’t just choose something else because you’re at work. the other day at work, i had a thai food central marken frozen dinner, and it was deesgusting. so i ate ritz crackers for lunch.

    ben sounds cool, it kind of sounds like he wrote that little paragraph about himself as a teaser for people to want to get to know him better.

  2. amymezzell · July 19, 2008

    is ben the one that is your mind’s doppleganger? i have to try and keep this people straight.

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