im tired.

this week is going by fast! probably because i have a big research paper due on monday and i haven’t started writing it yet. i am probably the worst procrastinator i know…oh well.

work is going well…this week has been really busy…i’ve had a lot to do which is good i suppose.

school is going lame…i hate it. the only good thing is that i’m making descent grades…out of 6 assignments/tests i’ve made five A’s and one B. i made a 70 on a daily quiz but i never count quiz grades as grades because they don’t matter…they are worth like 1% of my grade or something like that. anyway summer classes are coming to an end which means i have a lot to do. 1 research paper, 1 final, and 2 more linguistics tests and i’ll be done…for two weeks…then fall classes start. sad.

in addition to school, i hate that i don’t have time to work out everyday like i used to.  now i exercise whenever i can…which is at most 3 times a week…sometimes zero times a week. i feel like i am turning into a wide load. i need to miraculously turn into a morning person so when my alarm goes off at 5:45 i can just jump right out of bed instead of hitting the snooze button until 7:30.

what else can i talk about?

my hair! oh my gosh…its making me sick. it’s starting to look like a helmet or a mullet or something gross. i was due for a hair cut 4 weeks ago and my next appointment is not until next weekend. i can’t wait that long! it’s so ugly. the funny thing is when i do get it cut i’m going to complain that its too short and that i look like a boy…just like i do every time i get it cut. then a week later i will love it and it will look good for about 3 weeks and then i’ll need to get it cut again.

so yesterday casey, bella, and i went for walk to the church so casey could pick up his check. on our way something got in my eye so i rubbed it and thought i got it out. but then a couple seconds later i felt it in there still. so i ask casey to look in my eye and he’s like “ew sick there’s a bug in your eye.” so that meant when i was rubbing my eye i was rubbing a bug around on my eyeball. GROSS! then i was scared that it bit my eye but i guess it didn’t because i’m not blind or anything.

well, i’m tired and i need to stop procrastinating now. i hope you enjoyed my ramblings.
i love you all.

-sheena p.



  1. thepattons · July 17, 2008

    i don’t know that those were my exact words…
    it was probably something more like,
    “yo, chill, woman. i got this,”
    and then i snapped my fingers and the bug flew out of your eye in fear.

  2. sheena · July 17, 2008

    oh yeah…weird.

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