i wanted to update this tuesday night but i didn’t…obviously.

tuesday night me, casey, amy, and ben went to moe’s and had some delicious bbq sandwiches. before we ordered we noticed a menu item named “sweet potato jo-jos” so we asked what they were and the owner said “basically just a fried sweet potato log.”  ben and casey got some and they were pretty good. during dinner we had some really really good conversations! topics discussed include but are not limited to:

– color interpretation
– teaching kids to write incorrectly or in wingdings
– size relative to the universe
– time travelling through telescopes (turns out it doesn’t work)
– the existence of alternate dimensions
– and of course how good the food was
it was a great time.

wednesday was no good at all. i had a horrible day at work. i’m not going to talk about it here though…i know better than that. nice try internet. wednesday night was better because wednesday night is baked potato night. i love bake potatoes so much. wednesday night was also better because i got my first birthday present. my mom sent me a toaster oven! she remembered that i said i wanted one when i went home last month. thanks mom! i can’t wait to try it out.

thursday was ok. it was not a great day because i had class and i got my linguistics test back and made a terrible grade on it. then our teacher told us the final is going to be comprehensive. when i got home i just wanted some ice cream and casey wasn’t ready for ice cream so i punched the wall…(i am laughing as i write this because it sounds so ridiculous). later i told casey that my outburst was not about the ice cream…i was just mad about my test grade. so an hour later we got some ice cream and i fell asleep on the couch. how pathetic.

today has been a great day! i didn’t have to come into work until 9am. so i woke up around 7:45 and went for a quick run, got ready for work, and went to starbucks.  i ordered a tall skinny cinnamon dolce latte. next to the register there were free samples of chocolate doughnuts so i got one and it was good! then at work we celebrated my birthday with a huge strawberry cake from edgar’s bakery! i took a picture of the cake before it got all messed up…i’ll post it later tonight. everyone loved it! except scott because he doesn’t like strawberry cake. i don’t even understand how that’s possible but whatever. tonight abby and jon are taking casey and i to nabeels for my birthday.  i’m excited because i’ve been wanting chicken salad for a while and they have good chicken salad.

tomorrow is casey’s 10 year highschool reunion! whoa! he isn’t that excited about going but i sure am! i love free food and drinks and fun! plus casey has to go because he got voted “most unforgettable” so we have to see if that turned out to be true. i will most likely have pictures and stories to tell from this night so be on the look out.

well ladies and gentlemen…that’s all for now.

i love you all!



  1. thepattons · August 2, 2008

    nice try, internet.

  2. thepattons · August 2, 2008

    happy birthday, beautiful!

  3. debra · August 2, 2008

    Happy Birthday ….. to my beautiful daughter! I love you and miss you…

  4. Kelsey · August 3, 2008

    i want to punch the wall

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