a promise is a promise

i am really not in the mood to do this right now but i only have 57 minutes left until i’m a liar.

i am finally done with summer classes and i am so glad. both classes were a lot of work. i made an A in my 18th century class and a B in my linguistics class. i am so glad i never have to do linguistics again…i just don’t get it at all…i’m surprised i managed to get a B.

so now i have a week until fall classes start. it’s going to go by so fast…i’m kinda bummed.

this weekend casey and i are going to enterprise to visit his parents. it should be fun and relaxing.

tonight was baked potato night. i think most everyone knows of my love for potatoes (sweet and regular) but if you didnt now you do. i LOVE them. every wednesday night is baked potato night for me. my baked potatoes consist of the following ingredients:

*i cant believe it’s not butter (fat free)
*fat free sour cream
*2 slices of extra thin sliced smoked turkey (cut up into little pieces)
*green onions
*banana peppers
*mozzarella cheese
*lots of pepper
and there you have it…the most delicious potato ever!

tonight i found a bunch of music on the computer upstairs that i had forgotten about. i moved it all to my laptop and i like it. i put a bunch of new exercise songs on my ipod.
speaking of exercising…i finally have time to do it and it feels so good. i feel like i’m back to normal. over the last 4 days i’ve logged 12 miles! here’s a breakdown of the mileage:

7.5 = running
1.5 = stair stepper
3 = power walking
i’ve also done weights 3 out of the 4 days.
i love it!

another thing i did tonight was go to hobby lobby with amy to get some painting supplies. i plan on painting a picture. depending on how it turns out i might post a picture of it when i’m done.

yesterday at work this fedex guy invited me to a tequila party. i just kinda laughed at him.

so i got this new gum from the dollar store. it’s the extra brand kind but it’s a new flavor called “supermint” and it is super minty. i got tired of chewing it before the flavor went away. it was worth a dollar. i also got some bubblicious at the dollar store…i haven’t had that in forever. i forgot how huge the pieces are…and how good.

this past weekend was good. friday night we went to moe’s with amy, brian, ben, tyler, and helen. then we went to edgewood creamery. saturday night we had a get together at our place…it was a good time.

sunday night i went to a farewell cookout for work. it’s brad’s last week as the intern. farewell brad. john david cooked some really good looking food. i tried one of his “duck poppers” (duck meat, cream cheese, and a pepper wrapped in bacon) and it was real good. john david ate one and it still had a bullet in it. it was weird but mostly funny. speaking of funny…it was really funny watching james, ben, john david, and brad play corn hole. john david and ben won i think. after them the girls played…me and kristen vs lindsey and meg. me and kristen won.

ok i am tired and i have rambled about random things long enough.

goodnight friends



  1. thepattons · August 14, 2008

    nice, long update. you win all the chips.

  2. sarah · August 18, 2008

    I love linguistics! But I don’t understand makeup. I think your skills may be more valuable in real life.

  3. rchl. · August 19, 2008

    i just found this.

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