new post!

i feel like i should update.
so i will…

casey told me to blog about how i am a slob and how i don’t clean up after myself.
ok so there’s that.

i was kinda sick last week and this weekend and earlier this week…i think i’m finally feeling better though. i bought some cold medicine the other day and i was carded for it.  is that normal? i’ve never ever had to show my i.d. to buy medicine. weird.

the greek festival is happening now…as i type. it’s over at 10pm. it’s also happening tomorrow and saturday at the holy trinity – holy cross cathedral. 10am to 10pm. be there.
casey and i are probably going saturday evening sometime.

right now i am eating chocolate ice cream with peanut butter in it.

the end.

p.s. it’s friday now and i think i spoke too soon about feeling better. i feel worse than ever today. i need to find a doctor.


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