lamb, snake skin, and peanut oil.

so we went to the greek festival last weekend and it was deeeelicious.
casey got pastitsio (a wonderful combination with layers of macaroni, ground beef in a greek tomato sauce, topped with a layer of delicious cream bechamel sauce) and a greek salad. i got souvlakia (marinated lamb skewered and grilled on an open fire) and rice pilaf. man o man…i had never had lamb before so i was nervous about trying it but it was wonderful. the live music was good and loud. we didn’t get any greek desserts or coffee…mostly because we just wanted our publix ice cream…i swear we are publix ice cream addicts.

today this guy game in to the office:
“hi how can i help you”
“im here to see _____”
“ok i’ll let him know you are here. can i get you anything to drink?”
“do you have pepsi?”
“no sorry we have coke”
“what’s with everyone and coke? don’t you know pepsi is better?”
“ok i’ll take a coke”
“we also have diet coke”
“hell no baby i ain’t on a diet”
“…ok i’ll be right back”
“here you go”
“thanks baby”
“you’re welcome”

ewwwwww! i don’t even like it when casey calls me “babe” or “baby” not that he ever does because he knows better…but i especially don’t like it from an old guy with a pot belly wearing snake skin boots and gold bracelets. gag.

tonight casey and i are going to a biggest loser (tv show) party at reid and ashley’s house. we are stopping on the way to get some chick-fil-a. i am excited…i haven’t had fast food (other than my veggie delights from subway) in a long time. i am most excited about the waffle fries…ok and the nuggets! chick-fil-a is one of the only fast food places i will eat at (the other two are subway because i love it and i can eat healthy there and little caesars because come on…5 dollar pizza…and i do love pizza). the reason i will eat at chick-fil-a is because they cook all of their chicken and fries in 100% fully refined peanut oil which is cholesterol and trans fat free…which makes my literal heart oh so happy.

anyway…i hope everyone has a good night.



  1. thepattons · September 16, 2008

    i love your literal heart. and your figurative one, too.

  2. amymezzell · September 17, 2008

    other delicious fast food restaurants would make your tongue and belly happy. like….zaxby’s! can i get an amen?

  3. thepattons · September 17, 2008


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