i went running (inside because it’s already too cold in the mornings for me) yesterday and i ran 3 miles all in the 7 minute range (i speed walked 1/4 of a mile between each one but still) and each mile was faster than the one before it!

so i’ve heard all about michael phelp’s 12,000 calorie diet…blah blah…but it wasn’t until today that i realized how much that really is. so far this week i’ve consumed 7,000 calories…that means it has taken me FIVE days to eat a little over half of ONE days worth of food for michael phelps. just crazy!

hmm…what else?
it’s always sunny in philadelphia comes back on tv tonight…super exciting!
you should watch it! it comes on FX at 10pm. do it!

so the other day casey and i went walking on the jemison trail with bella. we walked maybe .75 miles down and decided to turn around because bella was looking tired and thirsty. well…we were right. the poor francel bean couldn’t even make it back. casey had to carry her for part of the way and then i ended up just sitting on the side of the road with bella rolled over at my feet while casey went to get the car to pick us up. it was really quite sad. it was pretty hot outside but seriously…we need to walk her more often. she’s not fat or anything she just has no endurance i guess.

one more thing! the mellow mushroom in southside is FINALLY OFFICIALLY open!! i am so excited because i have been craving and needing and wanting some of their hawaiian pizza for months. it is the best pizza i’ve ever had. man oh man. i will definitely be going very soon…you can come to if you want! just tell me.

i love casey!




  1. amymezzell · September 19, 2008

    1. I would like to say that maybe you should think about eating more if you’ve only had 7000 calories in 5 days! That is less than 1500 a day. Dang.

    2. Maybe it’s a beagle thing. I know Pearl is fat and all, so maybe that is why, but she can’t make it far, either. I think beagles have major short bursts of energy, then they play completely out. That’s what I’ve observed, anyway. That and they all love running in crazy fast circles when they’re excited.

  2. amymezzell · September 19, 2008

    Ok, this inspired me to start keeping up withy myself on Daily Plate. We’ll see how long I actually keep up. But, I will say, their calculations are (in some ways) way different than other sites I looked at. They gave me majorly different calorie goals for wanting to lose 1.5 pounds a week vs. wanting to lose 2 pounds a week. Seems weird. Now I have no idea what to think.

  3. sheena · September 19, 2008

    i just recommend that you dont do the daily plate…its highly addicting and can make you crazy…take me for example…

  4. thepattons · September 19, 2008


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