today has been really nice and long.
i woke up at 7:30 and got ready to go running. i went outside and it was chilly! i wasn’t sure if i’d be able to handle it but i knew once i started running i would appreciate the cold breeze. my first mile was cold but by the second one it felt awesome.

so there’s a stray chihuahua that runs around near our house. it is the devil! it has tried to attack me 3 times…seriously.

1. the first time i saw it i was driving so i pulled over so i could try to read its collar. when i got close to it it charged at me growling with it’s teeth showing. i screamed and jumped back in my car. if that’s what i get for trying to help, forget it!
2. casey, me, and bella were walking a couple months later and we saw a little chihuahua. i told casey that i thought that was the same one that tried to attack me. so as we got closer my suspicions were confirmed. it charged me again this time actually chasing me a little. it was snarling and growling with its teeth out again too! it was scary. casey can tell you.
3. today on my run i saw it and was like “oh crap.” i thought that maybe since it was on the other side of the road it would just let me run by in peace. nope. it charged me again and this time i couldn’t tell if it was going to stop chasing since i was running so i just turned at it and yelled “NO” and clapped my hands really loud. it kinda snarled and ran off. as i was coming back from my run i didn’t see it but i was really scared that it was going to launch out of the woods and kill me. seriously…what the heck? this dog has got to go.

after my run i made casey get out of bed and we took bella for a short walk. then i made french toast! and i found out that i can make it healthy AND delicious! if you want more information about this french toast, let me know.

after breakfast casey and i sat around for a while and took our showers and stuff then we left for the summit…i had a gift card that i wanted to spend i and successfully spent it at urban outfitters of course. we then went to best buy (didn’t get anything), world market (didn’t get anything), tria (almost got my sweet leaf tea but didn’t…but we got to try some samples of soup, cheese, and cookies), and then the dollar store (of course we got candy).

we got home and had some cereal for lunch and took naps. now we are watching wild boys on mtv2…boy are those boys wild.

we are waiting for reid and ashley to get here so we can go get some coffee and/or some bakery goodness at tria and play some cards.

the end.


One comment

  1. Bill · September 21, 2008

    forget the information. Bring on the toast.

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