rain + toast = don't try it.

so today is a rainy day.
i didn’t have a great morning. here’s why:
i woke up to do yoga and the ball of my left foot was (and still is) killing me. i could barely put pressure on it. i did my yoga dvd and got really frustrated because i’m am not flexible at all…seriously. i can barely even sit with my legs extended, toes flexed up, with a straight back. but that’s why i’m going to start doing yoga. so anyway i made toast for breakfast and put it on a plate to transfer it to work. have you ever tried to walk in heels with a hurt foot in the rain with a big purse while holding a plate of toast and an umbrella? it’s harder than it sounds. so i’m walking across the parking lot and i step off the curb into a puddle of water that is seriously above my ankles. i completely submerged both feet/shoes in water. awesome. so then i get to the door and try to open it but i have toast in one hand and an umbrella in the other and a purse that wont stay put. i probably should have just put the umbrella down since i was under a covered area but i didn’t which actually was a good thing because as i was trying to open the door my purse swung around and knocked my arm and my toast went flying off my plate…into my umbrella. i still yelled something out loud because i was super annoyed. so i get my toast out of my umbrella and finally make it inside. OH! also before the flying toast…as i was walking to the door this guy was getting onto the elevator and we made eye contact through the glass door and i gave him this look like “please see that my hands are full and that i need help with the door or can you at least hold the elevator!?” so what did the guy do? nothing. so that was my morning.

lesson learned:  next time it’s raining don’t make toast for breakfast. and in case you are wondering my shoes are almost dry thanks to my space heater.


p.s. i was talking to amy yesterday online and she said this:
amy: i am right now laughing to myself about you dancing in the dollar store to that michael jackson song. i like your moves.



  1. ashley · October 8, 2008

    i can’t believe that guy.. how rude!

  2. Debra · October 8, 2008

    I wish I could have seen the flying toast circus act! Next time put your toast in a baggie and carry it in your big purse or maybe it would have been easier to eat your toast while doing yoga…. hehe Silly girl!

  3. sheena · October 8, 2008

    i can’t put my toast in a bag because one slice had jelly and one slice had peanut butter and honey and they both had flax seeds sprinkled on them. i didnt want them to mix together. plus if i put them in a bag the jelly and peanut butter would just get smeared all over the bag then i wouldnt have as much on my toast.

  4. amymezzell · October 9, 2008

    Poor Sheena – sorry!

    I am looking forward to TV night.

    I am just as unflexible as you are, so I understand. My legs hate being straight. We should do pre-free yoga yoga so we can at least move when we’re there.

  5. Debra · October 9, 2008

    I should have know you would have had some fancy special toast. 🙂 I’m going to have to try some when we come visit.

  6. sarah · October 18, 2008

    sad on your toast! one time me and chelsea went to a duathlon in corpus christi. we decided to make toast for the next day before we left. it turns out if you make toast and put it in tupperware for 24 hours, it just turns back into bread.

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