here it is

an update!

last weekend the in-laws came to stay. it was a good time.
i made some yummy carrot cake muffins for breakfast on saturday morning. then we went and ran errands. then me and casey went and ran our own errands. saturday night we went to a mediterranean food festival. the food was good. the music was loud…too loud. after that casey and i went to our friend sarah’s birthday party. it was a good time.

sunday we went to church then ate lunch at tria market. they have a big salad bar where you can make your own salad…so that’s what i did. on my salad, i put a tomato. it was THE best tomato i have ever had. i will be going back…for the tomatoes. and the coffee…tria has great coffee.

last week was the longest week ever…it sucked.
i had class on monday and wednesday night like always…but i got my first graded assignment back in each class…A’s on both. duh. thursday night me, casey, reid, ashley, and ashley’s bean baby hit up the dollar theater. we saw wall-e. everyone liked it way more than i did. i thought it was ok. casey gave it an A. his movie rating system makes no sense to me.

friday night we hung out with dave and sarah at their place. we played games. it was fun.  i taught them how to play egyptian rat screw. that game is always a hit. it’s probably my favorite card game. i won.

yesterday i got up and went swimming at the rec center. it felt great…i need to start swimming more. then i sat in the hot tub and it felt great. then i sat in the sauna…it too felt great. yesterday casey and i had a wedding to go to that was about an hour away. the plan was to meet abby and jon at their house at 2:30 and ride together. my plan before leaving was to go find a dress at urban outfitters and then go grocery shopping. so i left the house around 11:30. i got to urban outfitters found a dress and left around 12:45. i got to the grocery store around 1. so i had about an hour to shop. well….it turns out i need more than an hour. i was probably about half way through the store when i looked at my phone and it was 1:45 and i still had tons of stuff to get. i have never shopped so frantically…i was zipping through the isles so fast. there were a few things on my list that i just had to forget about…which was fine because it was stuff i didn’t need right away.  anyway, i got so much stuff…two carts full. haha (for those of you who don’t know i’m on a recipe finding/cooking rampage right now). i can’t wait to try out all these new recipes!  so…i get home at 2:20…we are supposed to be AT abby and jon’s in 10 minutes. yeah right. so we put all the cold groceries up, get ready as fast as possible and make it to their house at 2:45. it was close…they almost left us. the wedding was really cute…and cold. i was freezing the whole time…but what’s new? after the wedding we hung out with amy and brian. we watched borat then the soup then SNL. good times.

now it is sunday and we just had some lunch (home made egg salad sandwiches and sun chips) followed by some coffee. now it is time for me to do homework. booooo.

ok now everyone is caught up on my super exciting life.



  1. ashley · October 19, 2008

    ERS makes me nervous. i’m not very good. i know you’re shocked.

  2. jt · October 21, 2008

    i would like to hear more stuff about toast…i like toast…mmmmmm…toast

  3. Debra · October 22, 2008

    i want to go to tria when we come visit…. put that on the list of things to do.

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