good times

so far this weekend has been pretty good.

friday i woke up and had some cereal then i went to meet with my teacher. she made me feel better about my project and told me i was on the right track and to keep it up. it always helps to hear that. after that i went home and made some lunch: an apple with some swiss cheese spread and a peanut butter sandwich of course. after that i headed to work for four hours…it was just typical work.

after work me & casey, rita & bill, abby & jon, max & sally, and reid & ashley all went to nabeel’s for some delicious food to celebrate rita & bill’s (casey’s parents) birthdays.  dinner was followed by coffee, cake, and ice cream and good conversation at abby & jon’s house.

this morning i got up and went to the rec center and did something i’ve never done before. i ran on the treadmill for an hour straight…6 miles! my plan was to do my typical 30 minutes but then i was like “i bet i can do 5 more minutes” and i just kept saying that til i had done an hour. the last 10 minutes were painful but i wasn’t about to quit. i was proud of myself! my legs are super tired now though. no pain no gain right?

i need to go shower now so we can go eat some soup (and more cake) at abby and jon’s.

the rest of my day will be spent working on my project…maybe.

good times!



  1. Debra · November 23, 2008

    Great job on your running!

  2. Rita · November 24, 2008

    Fun weekend!!! Thanks!!!

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