today was great!
my mom and i cooked some reeeeally delicious food.
i probably don’t have to say this because it won’t be a surprise to anyone but, i looked up recipes for healthier versions of thanksgiving food and that’s what i made. and if i do say so myself everything tasted just as awesome as the real deal. here’s the menu!

roasted turkey breast
mashed sweet potatoes
mashed potatoes
baked green beans and asparagus with bacon and catalina
broccoli salad
corn pudding
pumpkin “pie”
apple “pie”

casey’s top 3: corn pudding, green beans, apple “pie”
mom’s top 3: broccoli salad, green beans, apple “pie”
dad’s top 3: broccoli salad, sweet potatoes, turkey
my top 3: corn pudding, broccoli salad, apple “pie”

we all had a hard time picking our top 3 because everything was so good.
after eating, my mom and dad took a nap and me and casey went on a chilly scooter ride around town. then we all went for a walk on the jemison trail…it was nice. it started to get cold and dark so we left the trail and i took my parents by my work so they could check it out. we stopped and got a paper on the way so my mom could check out all the sales going on tomorrow. me and my mom are going to shop til we drop! i’m super excited…woot!

that’s all for now.

i hope everyone had a wonderful wonderful thanksgiving!!


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