it’s time

for a new post!
first i’ll do a quick thanksgiving wrap up:
good food, walk in the park, black friday shopping (girls), barber vintage motorsports museum (boys), movies, house hunting, and more good food. it was a wonderful time!

now, i know you are really curious about my black friday purchases so i’ll fill you in. i got: 12 tops, 2 jeans, 1 dress, boots, pj’s, a necklace, and some lotion. basically $460 worth of stuff for $160 dollars. score.

this semester is almost done! i am completely done with my tutoring writing class so all i have to do now is finish the final project for my magazine writing class. that’s what i’ll be doing all weekend. it won’t be that hard i dont’t think…just time consuming. it’s due on tuesday…wish me luck!

james just walked in the office and said “think fast” and threw a penny at me. it hit me on the head.

tonight we are eating dinner with amy and brian. i am making chicken fajitas and broccoli and amy is making mexican rice. we’ll probably watch a movie or a documentary of some sort…maybe even play a game because we are wild and crazy like that.

ok well that’s all for now.


One comment

  1. amymezzell · December 6, 2008

    Well, I totally blew this post’s accuracy, but last night was still wild and crazy fun!

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