its been so long!

i’ll do a quick wrap up of our holiday vacation.
3 days in enterprise: on Christmas Eve rita (casey’s mom), abby (casey’s sister), and i cooked a delicious Christmas lunch.  We all ate it and it was yums.  that night we all went to a Christmas eve church service then came home to open presents.  i was a little sad that casey’s family doesnt do christmas presents christmas morning but i survived…i like getting presents any where, any time!  i think everyone loved everything they got.  i know i did.  thanks pattons/beckers!  on christmas we had a yummy breakfast, opened stockings, and went to see 7 pounds at the big fancy theater in enterprise.  the rest of our time in enterprise was just spent hanging out.  bella loved the backyard of course.  it was a good time.

6 days in texas: after an exciting 14 hour drive we made it to texas!  sunday morning we opened presents with my family and then went to church.  sunday night we had christmas with the rest of the family.  there was good food and fun and more present opening of course!  thanks staffs/oldroyds/reynolds/wolfes!  while we were there we celebrated my dad’s birthday, visited with old friends, watched movies, and had one last family get together/dinner at a fancy italian restaurant on a vineyard.  im so glad we got to see everyone.

i think our total driving time for this trip was around 30 hours.  i put 1,921 miles on my car.  yikes!  it was totally worth it though because it was a wonderful trip.



  1. thepattons · January 12, 2009

    hooray for driving! and family.

  2. amymezzell · January 12, 2009

    and friendship!

  3. thepattons · January 12, 2009


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