i stink

at blogging.
bella just stinks. she needs a bath.
so lets see…school is back in session for me and so far its alright. i have 2 classes every tuesday and thursday for a grand total of 4 hours this semester. one is a 3 hour academic class and the other is a 1 hour PE class.  both classes are required. the 2 classes are shakespeare and swimming.
ill start with shakespeare.  this class is known for being a super hard and is, along with the professor, feared by many. i actually like the professor even though she is pretty intimidating. so far the class is going just fine but all i’ve done is read 2 plays. i just got the first paper assignment though so we’ll see how that goes.
on to swimming. i had to take this class because it worked best with my schedule at the time when i registered. i thought it would be more of an exercise class but it turns out its kind of a beginning level swim class. its still mostly fun. my only complaint is that any time i am not moving i am freezing cold. the class is held in an indoor heated pool but it doesnt matter. i feel silly complaining about this considering in high school i swam every winter in an outdoor heated pool with icicles hanging off the starting blocks. but its different because we were constantly moving and the work outs were a million times harder than the stuff i do in this class. i think and hope that once the teacher gets all the introductory stuff out of the way ill always be moving…or i might die.

well thats all for now. i promise i am going to try to blog at least every other day from now on even if its just a couple sentences!




  1. thepattons · January 28, 2009

    don’t die!

  2. amymezzell · January 28, 2009

    keep blogging!

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