TV night

thats what tonight was.
every thursday we get together with the mezzells to watch our favorite shows and eat our favorite pizza.
we are still over at their house.  we are watching one of those stupid shows about crazy accidents caught on tape.  brian thinks everything is hilarious. 

speaking of shows, on superbowl sunday i did watch the superbowl…the puppy superbowl! 
it was awesome…just an hour of really cute puppies running  around in a fake football stadium.
i LOLed a lot.  puppies make me happy…i’m glad God invented them.

well thats all.



  1. amy · February 6, 2009

    I am a fan of this post.

  2. sheena · February 6, 2009

    i am glad.

  3. thepattons · February 6, 2009

    God is such a great inventor.

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