today i painted for 8 hours.
owning a house is hard work.
its also expensive…has anyone found me a job yet?

special shout outs go to: reid, ashley, abby, amy, and brian.
thanks for helping today!



  1. amy · February 16, 2009

    awww sorry it’s so much work. you’ll love it later! you’re making major improvements. if you move again, think about how much more money you can make on the house now! i think you should go apply at publix like you said. i know there’s a winn dixie close, too. dollar tree??? maybe you can get discounts! that’s be a major plus for that store. think about it.

  2. Reid · February 16, 2009

    Sheena, just a friendly reminder that it doesn’t all have to be complete by the time you move in. I just don’t want you two to be so stressed that you hate it. It’s a great house! Ashley and I loved helping out.

  3. ashley · February 16, 2009

    “ashley and i loved helping out.”

    speak for yourself, reid. JUST KIDDING!!!!

    these next few days of hard work will be so worth it once everything’s in the house and you can just sit and feel proud of all that you did. and knowing that its done. not too much longer, you can do it!

  4. amymezzell · February 16, 2009

    I would like to second Reid’s reminder.

  5. Kelley · February 19, 2009

    I will be glad to bring you dinner one night while you are getting settled! How would Saturday night be? I know that you will be busy that day and it would be something that would be done for you. Let me know!

  6. marybethbrown · February 20, 2009

    i am so jealous that you have a house to paint.

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