spring break thus far

friday – sunday morning:
this past weekend was discovery weekend at trinity.  its a weekend for the middle school kids put on mostly by the high school kids.  of course the adults handled all the logistical stuff but the high school kids lead the d-groups and did all the lessons.  i was an adult d-group leader.  my job for the weekend was just to facilitate the group sessions and just hang out with the kids.  casey’s job was to rock the party.  and he did…the music was great.  all in all it was a good weekend.

sunday afternoon/night:
my mom flew into birmingham around 3:30 and we went to pick her up.  we just hung out and watched a movie.


monday me and my mom got up and and i worked on some homework while she did some work work.  we ate some b-fast and went for a jog.  then my mom cleaned up the deck while i did more homework.  then we ate lunch and showered and left for some errand running.  my mom wanted to help get our deck all fixed up while she was here.  we went to home depot, walmart, and garden ridge.  we got lots of goodies!  i’ll show you with pictures at the end of the post!

this day was casey’s birthday!  i made him pancakes for breakfast…he loved it. then we just hung around for a while and got ready.  we went to rue 21, old navy, and ross because they are all right next to each other.  casey got a shirt at old navy…its blue with a boat on it.  then we ate lunch at moe’s bbq.  it was, as usual, delicious.  after that we went to big lots to look around.  THEN we drove to montgomery to meet his parents (montgomery is half way between us and them) for some japanese cook in your face style food.  abby and jon came too.  it was a good time of course.  i finally got to eat sushi…i’ve been wanting it for a while now.  it was yummy.  on our way home we stopped by target and got another sweet present from my mom.

thats today!  me and my mom got up and went to swim at the rec center.  it was nice.  then we went to get my oil changed and enjoyed a complimentary coffee.  we came home and ate lunch and just hung out until i had to take her to the airport.

time really flew while she was here but we had a great time.  i wish birmingham was closer to texas…but its not and there’s nothing i can do about it…yet…

now its back to reality for the next couple days…i am BEYOND behind in my shakespeare class.  with all the house stuff and moving i didnt have time to read and now i have so so much catching up to do.  im pretty sure all i’ll do tomorrow and friday is read…and i will still be behind.  i also have to figure out what to do my research paper on because my proposal is due on tuesday…double boo because i have NO idea what my topic will be.  oh well…i’ll figure it out…i always do.  that doesnt mean it doesnt suck though.



flowers plus squirrel!

green bell peppers!

banana peppers!

herbs and jalapenos!

strawberries and tomatoes!

more strawberries!

you cant see them because its dark and they are small but i planted a blueberry bush and a blackberry bush down by the fence!

bird feeder!

fire pit and chairs!  s’mores anyone??

thanks for all the awesome goodies mom!  love you!



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  2. andy · March 12, 2009

    fire pit = awesome

  3. amymezzell · March 12, 2009

    awesome new stuff! i have one question. what the HECK does YET mean?!?! you cannot move away from here, and that’s that.

  4. thepattons · March 12, 2009

    i think she’s saying that there is not physically a way to make texas and birmingham closer YET… but she’s working on something big!

  5. Kelley · March 12, 2009

    The deck looks great!
    Aren’t Mom’s terrific?

  6. Rita · March 12, 2009

    Really like all the new deck stuff!!!

  7. amymezzell · March 13, 2009


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