well i feel ever so slightly better about school.  i finally figured out what i am going to write my paper on and my teacher seemed to be ok with my topic so thats good. now i just need to get started on it…i havent done anything yet today and its 4:30.  its just so hard to make yourself do something you hate.  and yes, i know if i just did it and got it over with i’d be much happier but thats just not how i do school…never has been…i guess i just like making myself miserable.

baby jack ryan davis is finally here!
congratulations ashley and reid!!
i cant wait to come see yall tomorrow!

since moving to our house i havent been working out as often as i’d like/used to.  we arent as close to the rec center anymore so its a little harder to make a quick trips to the gym.  my endurance with jogging has dropped since i havent been doing it that much lately.  usually when i jog i focus on speed/time but since i try to go at a fast pace i cant go for very long…usually like 2 miles or something (i am not a runner…never have been…i am proud that i can even do 2 miles at a decent pace).  today i decided i would just go at a comfortable pace and just stop when i got too hot/tired/bored.  i ended up doing 4.1 miles in 40 minutes.  slow pace but further distance than i can normally do so i was pleased.  my first mile was 10 minutes and my second and third were faster…i could tell but i didnt look at my watch…my last mile was painfully slow because i had saved all the big hills for it (ugh).  anyways, i liked running further at a slower speed…it felt good and i think doing that mixed with speed work will help my endurance over all.  ok moving on.

my vegetable plants are doing great! so far i can see 11 jalapeno buds, 4 bell pepper buds, 4 banana pepper buds, and 9 tomato buds!  no strawberry buds yet but there’s lots of new leaves coming in so it should be soon!  the blueberry and blackberry bushes wont produce stuff for probably a couple years because they are tiny.  i cant wait to eat my homegrown fruits and veggies!

sometimes casey complains about the stresses of his job but i dont feel too sorry for him because mixed in with his complaints are comments like the following
* my cornhole team won again at lunch (he plays cornhole everyday)
* today we built a giant swing in the studio and swung on it and made videos
* brb going to swing on the swing. we turn off all the lights and its like space mountain
* and today he told me he’d brb because they made paper airplanes and they were going to go throw them off the big ladder in the studio to see whose would fly furthest.
so i think its ok that he gets stressed sometimes…he can just go swing it out in the studio…he loves it.  i am really glad he has a great job that he enjoys…especially now since i am unemployed.  thanks leo ticheli!!

ok thats all for now.
peace out.

p.s. if you or anyone you know wants a puppy let me know! my neighbor’s friend found one today outside on the road.  the poor thing was crying because her tail got run over.  she is so so cute.  someone take her!!


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  1. marybethbrown · March 28, 2009

    Andy does the same thing. He sometimes tells me how stressed he is and the he follows it with “our company is taking us all out t lunch and then we get to leave early” or “Nothing, just riding the scooter around.” So needless to say, I am glad he has a job he enjoys too. =)

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