i went to bed around 1am last night.  i stayed up working on my paper.  i have about 4.5 pages of rough material.  the paper only has to be 5 pages long so all i really have left to do is make it more organized and academic sounding.  blah…at least it will be finished by tuesday morning…then i can move on to the next paper.  yay.

as most of you who read my blog know, march was walk/bike/carpool to church month.  there were 5 sundays of this.  casey has to be at the church 8:30 to do contact media stuff and i don’t have to be there until 10 so we usually drive separately.  for the past 4 sundays i’ve gotten up early to carpool with casey.  for the last sunday of the month (today) i wanted to either walk or bike.  i decided i would for sure do one or the other especially since the weather has been so warm lately.  last night i decided i wanted to try running/walking to church.  so i wake up this morning and of course it super cold = cloudy and 45 degrees with even colder wind.  now i know for some of you that’s not cold…but if you know me then you know that i am cold all the time…even when its sunny and in the 60’s.  i contemplated just not doing it and riding with casey but once i get something in my head its hard for me not to do it…even if it means i might freeze to death.  so i got dressed and got casey to drive me down our street and down the mountain (i wasn’t even going to try to run down the mountain…its way too steep).  anyway long story short…i did it!  i was much easier than i thought it would be.  my only complaint was the temperature…my hands literally went numb…numb like your lips at the dentist.  when i got to the church i tried to fix my hair and i couldn’t feel my hands touching my head.  they thawed out though…after 15 minutes of painful tingling that is.

anyway, people seemed impressed that i actually ran/walked to church.  i didnt think it was that big of a deal.  i wasnt really proud of myself for the actual running/walking…i was mostly proud of myself for braving the cold…because i HATE being cold.  but i just mind over mattered it and survived.  amy and casey think i set the record for longest distance travelled on foot to church this month…i wont believe it until amy confirms it though.  oh yeah…its 8 miles from our house to the church but it was 6 miles from where casey dropped on the main road.  i decided i would just run for 10 minutes then walk for 10 minutes until i got there.  it took me 1 hour and 5 minutes to do 6 miles.  i ran for 35 and walked for 30…i have no idea if thats good…i feel like its decent especially since i am not a great runner.  ok enough of that.

after church we went to zoe’s with the mezzells.  i got the same thing i always get: an egg salad sandwich with a side of fruit and it was delicious like always.  after lunch we went to get some ice cream at edgewood creamery.  i got the same thing i always get there too: only 8 frozen yogurt…only 8 calories per ounce!  i tried the almond flavor and it was good.

once we got home i took a nice hot shower and now i am relaxing a bit before i start working on my paper again.

thats all for now…goodbye.



  1. Debra · March 30, 2009

    Good job on the run/walk to church in the freezing cold!

  2. sarah · April 1, 2009

    It sounds like you need to get some good gloves. I have some super fleece gloves and some windproof mitten things that go over gloves, they work down to -20 or so.

    Good job on the long walk/run!

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