the following absolutely BLOWS MY MIND.
i CANNOT believe people eat like this.
i almost cried looking at some of this stuff.
warning…not for the faint of stomach…


this is why you’re fat

let me know what you think!



  1. amymezzell · April 7, 2009

    That sausage thing was the sickest. The breakfast cake was nasty, too! Some of it really isn’t THAT bad, but the pictures just look nasty. Also, I’m pretty sure no one really eats twinkies wrapped in bacon. I think that was just to be gross.

  2. Kelley · April 7, 2009


  3. Bill · April 8, 2009

    Now, which one was it we shouldn’t eat?
    Oh, wait. I feel my chest tightening. Again.

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