bumper cars

i played bumper cars yesterday!
only it wasnt fun at all because i played on a real road in my own car.
someone rear ended me yesterday sending my car into the car in front of me.
traffic had come to a random stop for some reason…i hit my breaks, the car behind me did not.  he said he looked down for a second and looked back up and we were all stopped…so if he did hit his breaks it was the second before he hit me because he hit me pretty hard.  i immediately started crying because…well, that’s what i do.  luckily this happened a mile from casey’s work so i called him and he came to the rescue.  we called the police to come file a report so we could do the insurance stuff.  the car that i was pushed into had a spare tire on the back.  this is what i hit so lucky for him he had no damage.  i on the other hand have a dent in my hood and it’s bent up a tiny bit and there’s lots of scratches.  the back of my car is obviously worse…there’s a big crack in my bumber with lots of scratches and little cracks and my trunk wont latch all the way on the left side.  i just feel sorry for the guy that caused the wreck…his hood got messed up a bit too…but not much because he was driving a big SUV with a grill gaurd.  it just sucks all around for him because he caused it and his car is messed and he’s going to have to pay a lot of money.  i just hate that for him…but these things happen i guess…what can you do?
i hit my head really hard against the head rest thing…i had a headache for the rest of the night.  today my neck and shoulder are really sore…mostly just on the left side though.  im ok…it could have been worse.  i am just thankful that no one was really hurt and that the damage to the cars was relatively minimal.

anyway, today casey has off work so guess where he is??  work!
he had to go in to try to fix something that someone else messed up.  poor casey.  he’ll be home shortly though and then we can get this fun good friday started!  i think we are going to grill something on the grill and if the weather is good i think we are going to go camping tonight!  in our backyard!!  and roast marshmellows!!!  jealous?  i thought so.

ok shower time!

peace out…and have a great good friday!



One comment

  1. sarah · April 10, 2009

    aw. wrecks suck so much. i’m glad you’re okay and hope the soreness goes away soon. make sure you see a doc to get checked over because if you have any neck problems or anything later on you want it documented that it’s from this wreck (so his insurance will pay for it)

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