Ahoy Matey Starbuck!

That’s right.  I got a job…at Starbucks!
Today was my first day.  I was nervous but I think it went great!
First, I filled out forms and read through some packets and information.
Then I had my first coffee tasting.  It was fun.
First we smell the coffee, then we slurp the coffee, then we eat a certain food “goes” with the coffee.
It was a lot like wine and cheese tastings.
For my first one, we tried Colombian coffee paired with the classic coffee cake.
It was delicious of course…and I got to put a Colombian Sticker in my Coffee Passport!
After that I got a tour of the place and then read some more.  Then I put my apron on and stood behind the counter and watched for a bit.  Then I learned how to do a “cafe sweep” which is basically just walking around the store making sure everything looks pretty.  Then I did a cafe sweep.  Then I left.  It was a good first day.  I really like the manager, Jessica.  I already knew her through mutual friends and facebook…but I am excited to get to know her for real.  I am also excited to be working with my friend Lori.
**Special shout-out to Lori for recommending me to Jessica for the job!
**Special shout-out to Jessica for hiring me!

Anyway…once I get the hang of things, you all will have to come visit me!  I’m at the Cahaba Heights store…it’s behind the summit.

School is almost done!! I just have 2 more weeks.  I still have to write a big research paper and take a final…I am nervous about both.  I am so over school right now…I just want to be done.  I am really going to have to buckle down and make myself finish out the semester strong.  I just hope that me starting a new job right at the toughest/most stressful part of the semester won’t make things harder.  Maybe it will help me manage my time better.  We’ll see.

Bill and Rita (Casey’s parents) are in town visiting for a couple days.  We are going out to dinner with them and Abby and Jon soon…just waiting for the call.  I hope it’s soon because I am hungry!

That is all for now!
Love yall!



  1. thepattons · April 14, 2009

    ahoy matey? what the?

  2. thepattons · April 14, 2009

    starbucks was named after the first mate in moby dick…his name was starbuck. soooo AHOY MATEY STARBUCK!

  3. Amy · April 14, 2009

    They encourage slurping? Oh brother! And you just booyahed Casey with that bit o’ trivia. Ahoy, matey!

  4. deena · April 15, 2009


    Congrats on your new job! You’re gonna love working with Lori….she was always one of the best Baristas to work with!


  5. Ashley · April 16, 2009

    so i’m thinking in two weeks when school is over, we should have wine to celebrate! whooooo!

  6. thepattons · April 17, 2009

    sounds good to me.

  7. lori · April 18, 2009

    dear barista sheena,
    you did and awesome job today on bar and i think you are going to make a most excellent barista! i had fun working with you!

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