today was a good day.
here’s how it went: i worked from 7 – 1.  i was on the bar for the first time…during morning rush.  i was scared!  i think i did pretty good.  people said i did good so i will believe them.  i didn’t mess any drinks up or anything and i think i went pretty fast for my first time.  it actually made time go by really fast because i was making drinks constantly for the first 3 hours pretty much.  woot!  after work i came home to get bella to take her to the vet.  bella has really bad allergies so she has to get a cortisone shot.  she’s also been having ear trouble…turns out she has a yeast infection in her ears…ew.  so now i have to flush her ears once a day and put ointment in them twice a day.  wish me luck…she’s squirmy.  after that i took her to pet supplies plus for a prize.  she got a new long leash and a treat.  i love my little bean.  after that we came home and bella played outside while i did a workout.  then when casey got home we left to go to tuscaloosa to return some books to the UA library.  then we ate at mugshots.  it was delicious of course.  i got the same thing i always get: cajun grilled chicken salad.  casey got what he always gets: the pat-o cheese burger.  then we went to my work to get a drink and then we came home to watch the biggest loser finale.  it was good…and both winners were unexpected which made it exciting.  and now here i sit typing this post!

my car is in the shop at the moment getting fixed from the wreck i was in a few weeks ago.  i am currently driving a blue 2009 hyundai elentra.  its sweet…i wouldn’t mind keeping it.

tomorrow i get to go to the starbucks experience class with two of the other new baristas.  i’ve been told it’s really fun.  we learn about the company and get to do coffee tastings and stuff…it’s four hours long so i hope it’s a good time.  i’ll let you know.

anyway, that’s all i got for now.
love you all!


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  1. thepattons · May 13, 2009


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