hello there.
not much is new with me.
the snake i almost stepped on the other day was actually dead because it was there the next day in the same spot.  i poked it with a stick.  it was for sure dead…sad.

this morning the weather was awesome!  i got up and went for a jog.  i thought i ran 4 miles but then i started thinking it was more like 3.5 so i clocked it in the car and it was 3.6.  i ran the last 2.6  miles in the rain and it was sweet.  it felt so good.

anyway…i worked today from 2:30 to 9.  it was pretty slow but a good day at work.  my work schedule this week is pretty much maxed out.  here’s my schedule in case you want to come visit me 🙂
monday: 1 – 9
tuesday: 7:30 – 1
wednesday: 7:30 – 11:30
friday: 4:30 – 10:30
saturday: 8 – 4:30
sunday: 1 – 9
38.5 hours!  yikes!  i’m not too excited about working all through the weekend…but as long as it doesn’t happen every weekend i guess i can live with it.  i’m really liking it at starbucks…it’s a pretty good job and i’m glad that it is.

that’s all for now.



  1. thepattons · May 18, 2009

    i’ll come visit you.

  2. Debra · May 18, 2009

    I wish i could come visit you. 😦 I’m glad you are liking your job. Save some money to come visit us this summer.

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