so when i got hired at starbucks i asked my manager if i could wear my nose hoop.  she said i could.  i’ve been working at starbucks for a month wearing my nose ring.  the district manager has seen me wearing it many times without saying anything to me.  so today he came in and told me i wasn’t allowed to wear it.  it’s not that big of a deal that i can’t wear it.  i was just super annoyed that i was told that i could and then i wore it for a month and no one said anything to me and then the district manager had to tell me its not allowed.  it made me feel stupid.  he also told me i couldnt chew gum…that made me feel like i was in middle school…haha.  oh well.  he wasnt mad or anything he was just letting me know and i told him i was told that i could wear it so he would know that i wasnt just knowingly breaking rules.  like i said…im just annoyed that i was allowed to wear it for a month.

so ive had a rental car for like 10 days now.  its been fun but i am ready to have my own car back. the insurance company is being such a pain and refusing to pay for some of the simplest stuff that needs to be done to my car to get it back to pre-wreck condition.  SO annoying.  it better get worked out soon or im gonna have to get mean…and no one wants to deal with mean sheena because well, she’s mean.

lets see…what else do i have to say?  nothing i guess.  goodbye.

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