yesterday was a strange day at work.  i worked from 7:30 to 11:30.  i was on the main register for the first time.  i was excited because i haven’t done that yet…and i was excited to get a break from drive thru and bar.  but i quickly found myself wanting to go back to the spots that i knew what was going on.  no one really told me what i was responsible for while working the register.  obviously my main job was to take orders and money…but i wasn’t sure if i was supposed to be keeping up with the coffee brewing so i kept trying to do that and i was also trying to help drive thru and the bar.  i think i made it harder than it should have been because i was trying to do too much.  oh well.  yesterday was super busy too…busier than normal and its normally pretty busy.  we ran out of frappuccino base at like 9am and we normally don’t have to make more til around noon.  we also ran out of coffee a lot more often than we usually do.  it was crazy.

one thing i did like about working the front register was all the compliments i got on my hair. haha. i had many people tell me my cut and/or color was so cute and/or pretty.  one lady even asked if she could come back and take a picture of me to show her hair stylist.  i said i wouldn’t mind.

two other things happened at work yesterday: 1. i got punched in the face. 2. i got a frappuccino dumped on my foot.  it’s not as bad as it sounds.  i was behind zach trying to find something out and he turned around with an empty (thank god) cup in his hand and socked me in my eye.  it hurt but it was so busy i was just like “it’s ok just give me the cup” and he was like “i’m so so sorry!”  later on once it slowed down he apologized many times.  he was like “i’d feel bad if i punched anyone in the face but it was you and you’re just so little and no one could ever get mad at you.”  it was funny and i don’t have a black eye today so everything is ok.  then later on leslie dropped a bunch of frappuccino on my foot and it leaked through my shoe to my sock.  she felt bad and cleaned my shoe off.  it was funny too and not a big deal at all.  it was just not my (or anyone’s) day yesterday…we were all having an off day or something…it was just a bizarre day.

moving on…
after work i went to urban outfitters because i hadn’t been in forever.  i just wanted to scope out their sale rack.  i got a super cute shirt for $9.99 of course (it’s rare that i spend over $9.99 for any item of clothing).  i was even more excited about the shirt when i saw the original price…it was $98.00!  that’s like 90% off or something!  score!

tonight we are meeting up with our friend jason at our favorite bar.  jason moved to philly a while back and is back in town with his new fiance!  we are excited to meet her too.  they are staying the night with us and we’ll all have some good fun hopefully.

i need to clean up the house and do some kind of exercise and maybe even give bella a bath.  so here i go!

ps.  i just want to comment on american idol.  i did not watch a single episode this season (or from any other past season for that matter) but i’ve heard tons about the adam guy that’s in the final two and how everyone expected him to win and how apparently it was an upset that he lost.  well i just want to say that i saw some highlights from their last performances on the preview channel while trying to find something to watch this morning.  and just based on what i saw kris, the guy who won, should have won.  he was, hands down, a better singer.  adam seemed to be all show and looks…he was pretty and i think the media hyped him up to be better than he actually is/was.  so good job kris.

i can’t believe i just blogged about american idol.  sick.


  1. thepattons · May 21, 2009

    zach is asking for it!!!!
    just kidding.

    fun times tonight!

    and boo for american idol.

  2. amymezzell · May 21, 2009

    I haven’t watched Idol this year, either, but I will still comment. I have heard that Adam guy sing in some clips and stuff, and I can say without EVER hearing the other guy – I am glad the other guy won. Adam was annoying, and I hated looking at him! He might be glam, but it’s not good.

    Sorry you got punched! Maybe you can accidentally punch him sometime. He won’t get mad because you’re little!

  3. jt · May 27, 2009

    American Idol=worst thing to happen in the history of music/tv…it really is painful…i can honestly say i have never wanted to watch that crap they call a tv show. Sorry for venting on your blog and devoting more space on your page to that stupid show. gross.

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