i FINALLY got my car back…after 18 days in a rental car.  ugh.  we ended up not having to pay a cent…which is wonderful.  esurance still sucks though…they acted like they were doing me a favor by paying to fix my car properly.  whatever.

work is still fun…and not having to do school is still super duper fun.  i love it!

one of the reasons i love when i get to work in the drive thru is because lots of people have their adorable dogs in the car with them.  there is a black pug that comes through everday named taloola…she’s cute and has bug eyes.  the other day i met a cute white little dog named barbie.  i also met an english bulldog named brisket.  good times.

this weekend was a good one.  the young adult retreat was good.  church was good.  the manchester orchestra concert was good.  good all around.

i just got back from a HOT 3 mile jog.  i do not recommend running at 5pm.  it is too hot…87 degrees…feels like 89 to be exact.  oh well…now i know better.

i feel like i always have things to blog about but then when i start to blog i can never remember.  i guess i’ll start writing things down when i think of them.

time for me to start dinner!

One comment

  1. thepattons · June 2, 2009

    good post, sheena.
    you are the bees knees…whatever that means.

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