good saturday!

i had the day off this past saturday so i wanted to make the most of it.
we woke up around 8 to get an early start on the day.  casey took the doors and top off the jeep since it was such a nice day and then we headed to the pepper place farmers market.  the only thing i knew i wanted to buy for sure was sweet potatoes.  so i bought some of those as well as some big juicy blackberries and some summer honey from blunt county.  it is delicious!   casey got some mango sweet tea and it was also delicious.  oh yeah, bella went with us too and we all had a good time.

we also went to see UP! in 3D.  it was fun and such an adorable movie.  everyone should go see it…it was great.

saturday was also good because i got a sweet new toy!  i am actually using it right now!  to write this blog!  here it is:


it’s a mini HP netbook!  it’s so tiny and cute.  i really like the swirly pattern on the top too!  here’s some info about it: weight: 2.3 lbs, 1in thick, 8.9in screen, and it has a webcam too so i can video chat!  it fits just right in my purse.  i took it to work today since i get free wifi and used it during my lunch break.  it was fun.  in case you are wondering why i bought this, i’ll tell you.  a while back i bought an old apple powerbook from a friend for $100.  it’s been a great computer and has helped me through about a year and a half of school.  it was worth the money for sure…in fact, it’s usefulness definitely exceeded what i paid for it.  i did have some issues with it though…it was rather large, it didn’t latch, the cord was all messed up and had to be in a weird position in order to charge the computer, and without the cord the computer stayed charged for about 10 minutes (but…like i said…$100 dollars for a powerbook is an amazing deal).  these problems made it pretty hard to take it places like school, coffee shops, trips, etc.  in addition to these issues, recently it has been running really slow and i could just tell it was slowly fading and wasn’t going to live for much longer.  it was a good old thing…but i just needed something more convenient, mobile, and younger.  sooooo out with the old, in with the new!!  anyway…i am sure no one really cares about my new laptop…sorry if that was boring.  but i LOVE it! 

ok that’s all for now.



  1. Debra · June 9, 2009

    I’m glad you like your new computer! Your trip to the farmers market sounds like a lot of fun. I bet Bella got lots of attention. She’s so cute.

  2. Ashley · June 11, 2009

    I’m putting this on my Christmas list as of right now.

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