oh hello there

i hate that it’s been so long since i’ve done a good update.
i’m sorry.

life has been pretty good…i don’t really have any complaints…other than the gross burn on my arm…i’ll show you in a bit.

i feel like i’ve had tons to blog about lately.  i’ve had tons of “oh i need to blog out this” moments…but of course now that i am actually blogging i can’t remember any of them.  typical.

i still like starbucks.  i love getting to know customers and i love joking and laughing with them…i’m sure it makes both of our mornings/days a little brighter.  here’s a recent story from work:  a couple weeks ago we ran out of sleeves (the cardboard rings that go around the cups).  people freaked out.  it was so ridiculous.  **side note:  you really only need a sleeve when you get a coffee drink or a drink made with hot water…the espresso drinks don’t really get THAT hot**  anyway we were double cupping the super hot drink and just passing out the other ones.  almost every single person would ask for a sleeve and when i told them we were out i got such silly reactions.  here’s a couple:  one guy was holding his cup while he asked for a sleeve then when i said we didn’t have any he set his cup down real fast and said that he couldn’t hold it because it was too hot.  another lady ordered a coffee so i double cupped it because those DO get really hot.  she was holding it and asked for a sleeve and i told her it was double cupped and she said it was still burning her hand and so i offered a third cup and she got pissed and drove off.  haha.  then several people did this:  held their drinks, asked for a sleeve, acted like their cup was on fire, then took a gulp of the drink as they drove off.  oh brother…if it’s not too hot for your mouth you can hold it in your hands.  people are just super dramatic and feel like the sleeves are a necessity but usually they aren’t and  i bet they all survived without one.  good thing the sleeve crisis was only for one day.

life has been good too.  we’ve just been hanging out with family and friends doing fun things.  typical but good things.

as you know me and casey’s 3 year anniversary was last week.  we went out to dinner at the bottle tree.  the food was AWESOME.  first we got jalapeno cilantro hummus and pita = delicious, i got a sandwich called the green goblin:  grilled veggie sandwich on wheat bread with havarti cheese and green apple pesto = amazing, we split cajun sweet potato fries too = so good.  i haven’t had food that good in a long time.  we have also eaten at v. richards a few times in the last few weeks and that place is awesome too.  love it…my two new favorite restaurants!

anyway here are some pictures of casey and i at bottle tree:


i am strong!

so is casey…i think.  just kidding…he is!

bottle tree!

bottle tree 2 plus the top of my head!

the literal bottle tree!

3 years of love!

ok so there’s that.

we also went to see the hangover.  it was funny and good.  we also went to the zoo.  it was good and SO SO HOT.  here are some more pictures:

i told them to do their best camel pose…i think they pulled it off.

hungry hungry hippo.

one of my favorites!  a sleepy sloth in a basket.  awww.

so flamingos are bigger than i thought.

hot sleepy tiger

after the zoo we were way too hot so naturally we went to get some frozen yogurt!

and there’s that.

now the rest of this blog gets a little graphic…so stop reading now if you don’t want to see my gross arm.  a week ago today i had a run in with my iron.  i turned it on to let it heat up while i was taking clothes out of the dryer.  after it was good and hot i backed my arm up on to the iron.  the skin-iron contact was like a split second.  but that’s all it took.  iron: 1, sheena: 0

day 1

day 2

day 3

day 4

day 5


so there’s that too.
it hurts so bad but it’s finally starting to heal up.  it’s pretty much all hardened over now.  it sucks and i can’t imagine what it feels like to get burned for real!  that was just from one second of my arm on an iron…so really it isn’t a bad burn…but it hurt so bad and i don’t ever want to know what it feels like to be burned with something hotter like fire and for longer than a second…yikes.
casey asked me to iron a shirt for him tonight…so i guess i’ll have round 2 with the iron…hopefully i’ll come out on top this time.  we’ll see.

one last thing and then i’ll give your eyes a rest.  this morning i woke up and went outside on the porch and it was so nice and so pretty out and i just felt so lucky and blessed to be alive and to live in a pretty house surrounded by pretty nature…and to have a wonderful husband and a great dog.  i love my life!

ok that’s all…i hope this blog made up for my lack of blogging.  i love you all!



  1. thepattons · June 24, 2009

    i feel so blessed, too! i love you! and bella and the house and stuff, too. but mostly you.

  2. Debra · June 25, 2009

    good post!!! i’m glad you are lovin’ life!! sorry about your burn … it looks very painful. ouch 😦 love you….mom

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