i hope everyone is well.
i’ve had an eventful past week and i will tell you about it. 
me and casey’s good friend bobby came to visit us last week.  it was a fun time.  here are some things that we did:

– thursday: tour of birmingham, lunch at v. richards (i got chickpea salad, waldorf salad and broccoli salad…i like salads.  casey got grilled cheese and fries.  bobby got chickpea salad, orzo pasta, and some kind of mushroom salad), then we just hung out the rest of the night.

– friday: went to art museum only to find it closed, went to sojourns (a sweet fair trade shop downtown…bobby got a dog collar made by a guatemalan woman named julia), ate lunch at bottletree  (it was so good…casey got corn nuggets and we split a veggie sandwich and sweet potato fries.  bobby got beer battered onion rings and a vegan chili dog), bobby and casey went to the dollar theater to see wolverine, i took a nap, ended the night with pistachio frozen yogurt at edgewood creamery.

– saturday: went to farmers market, went to thompson’s lake house in tuscaloosa to hang with friends, ate good food, rode on a boat, swam in the lake, and ate good food.

– sunday: church, ate at surin, discovered that i love edamame, went to work while casey and bobby had boy time, hung out with the mezzells.

good times!!

anyway, i had an eventful day today too.  i went running, went to counseling, got my oil changed, went grocery shopping, cleaned out my clothes, cleaned the house, and ate dinner and ice cream and watched a movie with the mezzells.

at publix i like to do the blood pressure machine after i do my shopping.  my blood pressure is always normal so i mostly do it because i am always curious what my heart rate is.  today, after pushing around a heavy shopping cart for about an hour, my heart rate was only 49 beats per minute!  that is low!  it makes me wonder what my heart rate is when i am sleeping…like 35?  interesting. 

well that is all i have for you right now.

p.s.  bottletree was totally ripped off by city stages…they did all the food for the lame weekend event and were only paid like half of what they were supposed to get…so bottletree is having a bit of financial trouble right  now.  so…GO EAT THERE!  lets support our local businesses!  bottletree is one of the coolest bars/restaurants/music venues in birmingham!  and the food is seriously amazing…so yeah.


One comment

  1. amymezzell · July 10, 2009

    If you’re worried about Bottletree, then you should go to their fundraiser that’s coming up!

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