here it is!

a new blog!
here are a few pictures from bobby’s visit/the 4th of july:

the boys playing bocci in the front yard.

pistachio only 8 frozen yogurt at edgewood creamery!  it was yummers.  and i was sad when i ran out.


high five!


i was so smart after i drank this smart water.

anyway…i’ve been listening to lady gaga non stop for like 2 weeks now.  at first i wasn’t sure if i really liked it because it’s pretty corny poppy stuff…but the more i listened to it the more i got hooked and now i love it.  plus i really like her as a person…just based on things i’ve seen.  she does want she wants and i like that.

so remember about 2 months ago i got rear ended and pushed into the car in front of me so that both ends of my car where smashed and i spent 3 weeks dealing/fighting withesurance trying to get them to fix my car and they finally paid for everything and i got my car back about a month ago?  well yesterday i got hit again.  this time i was going straight and a lady just didn’t see me at all and decided to turn left right into the front left side of my car.   casey was in the passenger seat and we both saw it coming.  i slammed on my breaks and was pretty much stopped when she smacked us.  i think i just screamed “no no no no!!!” and casey punched the dashboard and then i just started crying out of sheer frustration.  i felt bad for the lady because we were both pretty dramatic for a second for a wreck that wasn’t so bad.  when she saw me slumped over crying she got scared and thought i was hurt (no one was hurt…just our cars).  but we just explained to her that we JUST had to deal with all this crap and now we are going to have to deal with it again.  the good thing about the wreck is that the lady was super nice and admitted right away that it was completely her fault and that she had state farm insurance…which is what caseyand i have.  so that should make the whole process go more smooth…hopefully.  anyway here’s what my car looks like now:

my poor little honda…she’s a trooper.

casey will be at the lake tomorrow withthe youth high school boys doing boy things.  so i am flying solo.  i am going to see harry potter tomorrow by myself and i am actually really excited.  i like going to movies by myself sometimes.  i hope it’s good.  i know it will be.

ok well that’s all i got for now.
i promise the time in between my blogs will get shorter.
love you all!


  1. Debra · July 18, 2009

    I like the picture of you and Casey on the boat. Very cute.

    I’m sorry about the wreck/car…. glad nobody was hurt!

  2. thepattons · July 19, 2009

    woohoo for dogs and friends and holidays and wives and crashed cars! wait… not crashed cars. and i just have one wife.

  3. Linda · July 24, 2009

    I like going to the movies by myself.

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