beach and hippos

well, i leave for the beach in about an hour.   i am going to gulf shores for a week.  it’s a week long bachelorette party for me and casey’s friend, sara.   her cousin ellen planned the whole thing (i am super impressed).  we are all staying in a big nice house.  friday and saturday i think there’s supposed to be 15 girls or so…it should be pretty rowdy and fun.  but then monday, tuesday and wednesday it’s just going to be me and sara…that will be super relaxing and laid back.  i don’t know what all we’ll do down there but i’m sure it will be awesome…and i am sure i’ll have pictures to post when i get back…i’ll post them if everyone promises not to say anything about my blindingly white skin.  i am also excited to get some time off work…not that i don’t like my job…i still love it…but it’s always nice to have some time. 

funny/weird story time:  so the other day i was in the kitchen trying to decide what to eat for dinner.  as i was looking, i kept saying, “i’m a hungry hungry hippo.”  after a few minutes of repeating this and looking around i decided on a baked sweet potato.  i set it on the counter and went to turn the tv on.  i turned it on and the first word i heard was “hippo” and i thought that’s weird since i was just randomly talking about hippos…then the picture showed up and it was on animal planet and it was a show about a hippo named jessica.  they were feeding her dinner and i was like this is even weirder because it’s a hungry hippo at dinner time just like i was saying about me.  THEN the guy that owned her was like “her favorite food is sweet potatoes” and then he dumped a huge bucket of sweet potatoes in front of her.  how weird is that!?  real weird.

ok that’s all.  i hope everyone has a great week/weekend!



  1. amymezzell · July 23, 2009

    Awww….you ARE a hippo!

  2. Ashley · July 24, 2009

    i think amy just called you fat. JUST KIDDING!

    i’ll be in gulf shores next week too, we leave saturday. if you get bored or want to hang, call me…

  3. marybeth brown · July 28, 2009

    that’s a crazy hippo story. awesome.

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