a new patton?

the beach was lots o’ fun.
there was beach time, pool time, lingerie time, drinking time, party time, food time, and best of all relaxing fun time.  here’s a link to some pictures if you want to see them:  click here! 

i am glad to be home though.  i missed casey and bella.  since i came home earlier than expected i have tomorrow and thursday off work…which would be exciting expect that my car doesn’t work right now so i am just stuck at home.

BUT me and bella have a new friend to keep us company.  we have her for the next 5 days while her family is on vacation…if we like her and more importantly if bella likes her, we’ll most likely keep her.  please give a warm welcome to Ellie (if we keep her, Ellie Louise Patton):

she’s super sweet and cuddley.  her original family was from louisana and their home was destroyed.  they moved here and didn’t have room for ellie, zoe (her sister), and their mom.  our friends, dave and sarah took zoe, dave’s dad took their mom, and this couple that dave and sarah know took ellie.  after having ellie for a few months they decided they just couldn’t handle her.  not that she’s a bad dog…they just already had a dog and they have 3 young kids and it just got too over whelming.  so like i said we have her on a trial basis for now while the family is on vacation.  when we first got home she was scared to come in the house because bella was freaking out with excitement.  she finally came in and wanted nothing to do with bella.  she sniffed around and wanted to be near me and casey.  i could tell she was just anxious being in a new place with new people and a new crazy dog.  once she warmed up and went outside for a bit she actually played with bella some and it was hilarious.  she was large and in charge.  she sheds a lot (which we are used to from bella)…i’ll just have to vacuum twice a week now instead of once a week.  she also drools A LOT…i think i might just be from all the stimulation she had tonight though.  she’s super soft and fluffy and i love it…she reminds me of a little black bear only she’s blonde.   i do want to say our main concern is with bella.  she is our top priority.  if having ellie around changes her or if she seems stressed or feels left out or anything then we won’t keep ellie…bella frances is our numero uno.

so far it’s gone alright…it was a little rough at first but it’s good now…they are both sleeping right now.  i am excited to see how it’s going by the weekend after she’s been here a few days.  i’ll keep everyone updated!

speaking of sleep…casey is in bed already and i think i’ll join him.
peace out!



  1. thepattons · July 30, 2009

    cool dog sheena!
    i hope it works out for the best!

  2. Debra · July 31, 2009

    she’s a cutie!!!

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