it’s official

ellie louise is going to join the patton family.
she’s just too sweet and happy here to send her back to a family that can’t love her like we can.  i took her to the vet yesterday to get her up to date on all her shots and to make sure she didn’t have heart worms.  i was kinda nervous because the last time she’d been to a vet was a year and a half ago…but everything was just fine and she got a clean bill of health.  everyone at the vet was telling me how pretty she was and asking about her.  she did so good…there were lots of dogs and people all over and she just laid under my legs and stayed calm.  a cat even walked literally 6 inches in front of her face and she didn’t even flinch.  i was impressed.  she weighs 75 pounds…the vet was really shocked that she didn’t weigh more though.  we came to the conclusion that she just doesn’t have much muscle since the people that had her before us fed her cheap crappy dog food and never exercised or walked her.  we’ll get her in shape though.

i will say that even without much muscle and for not being in the best shape, she is STRONG!  we took her and bella on a walk thursday night and she thought she saw a squirrel and almost pulled me onto the ground…i definitely would not be able to stop her if she took off running…i’d end up looking like i was in a motorcycle accident or something.  so let’s hope we can train her to walk on a leash before she gets even stronger…or else we are in trouble!

today after work i went to the pet store and got the pups some new accessories.  i got them both new harnesses for walking, collars and leashes, and new name tags.  the harnesses and name tags are black.  ellie’s leash and collar are hot pink and bella’s are sage green.  we took them on a walk today and the harness and new leash really helped with ellie…she hardly pulled at all.  plus they both looked super fashionable and color coordinated.

anyway…here’s some more pictures for your viewing pleasure:



we love each other!

her and bella are getting along just fine…the other morning i woke up and they were both sleeping in the office together.  and they play and follow each other around.  it’s precious.

ellie did her first “no-no” today.  it was partly my fault though.  i was cooking dinner and i had a cookie sheet with some squash and zucchini on it sitting on the stove while the oven was preheating.  i went to the living room for like 3 minutes and came back in and half the pan was empty.  she was standing there like “what?”  i just laughed at her.  i have to get used to having a dog that can easily get to stuff on the counters.  lesson learned!

anyways…enough about ellie…i just like her a lot that’s all.

peace out!



  1. Debra · August 2, 2009

    She is a lucky dog!!!! I can’t wait to meet her.

  2. Amy · August 2, 2009

    awww I agree. Yay for Ellie Mae! I’m glad you spelled Mae like that. I might refer to them together as Bellie, you know, like their celeb BFF name.

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