hello there

so this past sunday was my birthday and i turned 24.
that’s one less than 25.

it was a pretty good birthday.  i had to work but it was fine…i volunteered to work so i can’t really complain.  i got a lot of nice voice mails and text messages from family and friends, a bottle tree gift certificate and some  mentos gum from a work friend (thanks caitlin!), some cards with some dolla bills (thanks patton and mezzell and davis families!), some yummy candy (thanks mezzel and davis families!), and a really pretty dress, a nice cards, and a check (thanks parents!).

sunday night casey invited people over to hang.  it was fun…with lots of good food of course.  we just hung out and talked and ended the night with a game of apples to apples.

today i took ellie to get groomed.  she looks like a fuzzy baby bear and i love it.

here is my new favorite picture of bella and ellie:

awwwwww!  they were both standing over me…bella with a candy wrapper in her mouth and ellie with her monkey…so cute!

i put more pictures on my facebook if you are intested click here



One comment

  1. thepattons · August 5, 2009

    our pups are the coolest!

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