fun and food filled weekend

friday night casey and i went to a rehearsal dinner.  it was a lot of fun.  the food was awesome:
appetizer: sweet potato chips with some kind of creamy dip, really good seasoned bread with sweet butter, and these sausage and corn things.
salad: super good lettuce with yellow tomatoes, creamy goat cheese, and a peach vinaigrette dressing.
meal: a choice of steak or egg fried chicken (i picked chicken) with mashed potatoes and steamed veggies.
dessert: sugar glazed biscuits with strawberries in the middle topped with vanilla ice cream and mint sprigs.  it was so amazingly good (it was the grooms recipe…he’s a chef…so my compliments to the chef)!!

then saturday was the wedding.  i did sara’s (the bride) makeup and i think i did pretty good.  i also did her mom and two other girls.  no one really knew that i did the sara’s makeup but i did get a few compliments.  my favorite one was from the groom.  first he told sara, “you look like yourself only prettier.”  haha.  then he told me, “it’s perfect…it’s exactly what i wanted.”  that made me real happy because his opinion is kinda important…i wanted his bride to look beautiful for him and she did…although she could have gone with no makeup and still been a beautiful bride.  anyway the wedding was pretty and and the reception was lots of fun and filled with good food of course:
brides food: a nacho bar complete with all the fixins like steak and chicken strips, corn, bacon, black beans, jalapenos, grilled pineapple, and more stuff that i can’t remember…AND a huge white cheese fountain.  it was awesome.
grooms food: cornbread triangles topped with bbq pork, these goat cheese and onion things, tuna tartar, shrimp egg rolls, tater tots, mini corn dogs, and chicken fingers.
cake: 3 layers of red velvet, chocolate, and vanilla with marshmallow icing and there was also chocolate and vanilla ice cream.
wedding favors: green m&m’s, moon pies, and RC cola.

sunday i suffered from a food hangover…and i still have a big food baby in my belly…it was worth it though…

in other news, i got my car back today and it’s all fixed up…i hope the auto shop took the target off my car too…i better not get hit again!

well that’s all i really have for now.
until next time!


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