texas day 1

well i am in texas and so far it’s been pretty good.  i am really stressed for some reason and it’s annoying me (and everyone else i’m sure).  i think i’ll be better tomorrow.  today me and my mom went to pick my brother up from the base in san antonio.  he’s home from marines training.  woohoo!  then we all just sat around and relaxed.  then me and linda went to the gym to get our fitness on.  then me, my mom, my dad, and my bro went out to eat at z tejas.  it was good…i just had a salad: lettuce, bell peppers, and tomatoes with dressing i smuggled in in my purse…i’m picky about salad dressing (and all food really)…i also had steamed broccoli and squash.

tomorrow my mom is dropping me off at chelsea’s house.  then we are going to go to mozart’s to get some coffee and paint some pictures.  i guess i’ll probably just watch them paint since i have no supplies.  i will bring a book to read.  then me and my mom and possibly chelsea and linda are going to get pedicures…because that’s what we do.

saturday night we are having a family dinner and i am pleased and shocked to say that everyone is actually coming!  i haven’t seen some aunts/uncles/cousins/grandparents in over a year.  i’m pretty excited to see everyone.

i really like my parents (mostly my dad’s) new dog.  her name is suki and she looks like a pig bat.  she’s cute though…i’ll post a picture of her later.  she also climbs trees.  i’ll also post that later just so you don’t think i’m a liar.

well that’s all i got for now.



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