texas trip and other stuff

my trip to texas was fun times and im so glad i got to go.

texas clouds

texas is pretty

like i said in my last update, saturday morning i went with chelsea and some of her friends to a local coffee shop called mozart’s to do some painting.  it was fun and relaxing.

here’s everyone painting

after painting we went back to chelsea’s adorable little house to hang the paintings. woohoo!

here’s chelsea hanging my painting on her wall of paintings

then we went and had lunch at subway and met our moms for pedicures.  at first i was sad because i couldn’t figure out my massage chair but the girl doing my nails did such an amazing job massaging my legs and feet that i forgot about my chair pretty fast.

saturday night we had our whole family over for a dinner.  it was a lot of fun.  i was so glad to see everyone.  here are some pictures.

all the cousins (plus the back of my brothers head)

kelly, brenda, dad, robbie

sharon, linda, grandad, ronnie, mom, gary’s head, and don’s knees

after most people left trevor challenged me and my dad to the cinnamon challenge (look on youtube if you don’t know what it is).  i don’t think me and my dad ate enough because these are the worst reactions trevor could catch with the camera:

i spent the night with chelsea satruday night and we woke up sunday morning and went to a yoga class.  it was a hot yoga class in a 100 degree room.  i don’t think i’ve ever sweat so much…i was soaked.  i actually really enjoyed the class and i wish i could do more yoga more often.

the rest of sunday consisted of church, sitting around, and then going out for a sushi dinner…i love sushi.

on the way home from sushi i called casey and for some reason i just called out “FALCOR” (the luckdragon of course).  then we (me, casey, trevor) proceeded to have a hilarious conversation about the never-ending story.  the funniest part was when my dad chimed in and thought that atreyu’s name was “trachea.”  we laughed so hard…you just had to be there.  so then me and my brother went to get some ice cream and we watched the never-ending story when we got home and that movie is so so cheesy but it was worth it.

monday me and my mom went shopping.  i didn’t get much…just a necklace, sunglasses, a bra, some socks, and some sweat pants.  thanks mom!!  then we met my dad at his work and ate some chick-fil-a in the hospital cafeteria.  after that i packed up my stuff and came home to birmingham.

it was so good to see casey and my pups…i missed them and they missed me!

anyway…now you know all about my trip to texas (if you even made it through the whole thing…thanks for hanging in there!)



  1. amymezzell · August 28, 2009

    I seriously laughed out loud so hard after reading “trachea” – I love hearing stories about your dad and words!!!!!!

    I also saw the Ab Lounge we were JUST talking about being used as a recliner/lawn chair. At least it gets used in some way!

  2. thepattons · August 28, 2009

    glad you had fun! that convo was seriously hilarious.

  3. Debra · August 29, 2009

    I’m so glad you got to come visit. I enjoyed our time…it’s never long enough though. I love you!!!

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