super sale

all you ladies out there need to head to old navy asap tomorrow morning.  i went today and racked up on some sweet stuff.  in addition to their normal sale stuff they had 3 racks of stuff for 97 cents!!  i got some real nice goodies.  for example: a 40 dollar bathing suit for 2 dollars, a 30 dollar pair of pants for 1 dollar, 25 dollar sweater for 1 dollar, etc.  i ended up getting 260 dollars worth of clothes for 63 dollars…i saved almost 200 dollars!  it was awesome.  the only non-awesome thing is that i have no birthday money left.  oh well…that’s what it’s for! 

anyway that’s all for now…i just wanted to share my super sale story.


One comment

  1. Debra · September 6, 2009

    Score!!! I went to Dillard’s and they had some shoes on sale for 70% off. I got a pair of Nike Shoks that are normally $115 for $34.50.

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