im trying to implement some “rules” into my life and here they are:

  • drink 24-48 ounces of water every day –  i do not drink enough of any liquid period…at the end of some days i realized that i’ve had nothing to drink all day.  i’m just never thirsty.  i eat a lot of fruits and veggies that have high water content so maybe that’s why.  regardless i need to drink more water and 24-48 ounces a day will be a huge improvement for me.
  •  limit carbonated beverages to one a week.  this won’t be hard since i rarely drink them but sometimes i drink  2 or 3 a week…and this will help me drink more water.
  • drink more tea.  tea is really amazing in so many ways.  this one shouldn’t be too hard now that i work at starbucks and can get it for free.  plus this will also help with my drinking more water rule.
  • increase my dairy intake.  i usually come pretty darn close to eating the minimum recommended daily servings of grains, bean/meat proteins, fruits, veggies, and fats…but the one catagory i don’t come close to fulfilling is dairy proteins.  so today i kicked off this rule by having a cup of vanilla soy milk with breakfast and 1/4 cup of cottage cheese with lunch…and tonight i’ll have a cup of frozen yogurt so that will be my 4 serving minimun for the day! woot!
  • cut out artificial sweeteners.  they really are nutritionally no bueno.  i’ve started using raw sugar in my coffee at work and i really like it.  it’s nutritionally better than artificial sweeteners AND real sugar because it’s less processed.  double bonus!  i’m also looking into some different natural sugar substitutes.  an obvious one that i already use often is local honey.  another one that im trying is called xylosweet.  it’s xylitol, a naturally occuring sugar derived from corncobs and birch trees (and mushrooms, fruits, and berries)!  plus it has a low glycemic index so it’s good for diabetics and hypoglycemics…and it even fights cavities!
  • eat less candy…anyone that knows me knows that this one will be hard.
  • add more variety/new foods to my diet.  sometimes i get stuck in ruts and eat the same things very often.  i want to try to add more recipes to my menu rotation.  i’ve recently added two: couscous stuffed bell peppers with apricot glaze and fish…i’ve decided im going to make fish at least once a week.  last night i made honey ginger glazed mahimahi and it was awesome. 
  • do some sort of physical activity every single day and for sure stretch every single day.  i am counting stretching as physical activity…so even on my “rest” days, i still want to do stretches/yoga.
  • tidy of the house every day.  by this i mostly mean just picking up after myself and putting things away when im done with them.  im real bad about picking up after myself and it drives casey crazy…and it’s more annoying when i let things build up and then it takes me even longer to tidy up. 
  • pray every single day.  this is the most important of my new “rules.”  it’s sad and i hate to admit it but i do not pray nearly as much as i should.  i go days without doing it and that needs to change.

so there they are…and  just because i’ve made these “rules” doesn’t mean i won’t break them (these rules aren’t meant to be thrown back in my face, so when i accidentally leave a plate in the living room or something  i don’t want to hear about me breaking my rules…casey).  i am going to try my best to follow them but i know sometimes i’ll forget or run out of time in the day or get lazy or whatever.  it just helps me to have them written and witnessed. 

ok that’s all for now.



  1. amymezzell · September 10, 2009

    Good rules!

  2. JT · September 11, 2009

    tip of the cap to the rules.
    suggestion on the prayer thing.
    try starting off by doing it right before you go to sleep. It is a great way to end the day. Oh and start by just thinking about all the things you were thankful for that day. trust me it helps a lot.

  3. thepattons · September 11, 2009

    less candy!!!! ahhhhhh!!!!
    i really like the picking up rule, of course. promise not to throw it back in your face, silly.

    i like j.t.’s advice on prayer. i usually try to pray before bed, but it just seems to make me fall asleep quicker. thinking on what you’re thankful for is a great idea. i also want to try and pray together more before bed, when we actually go to bed at the same time.


  4. thepattons · September 11, 2009

    yeah…i don’t like praying at night because it always seems like i just fall asleep in the middle of it. i’ve been praying in the morning when im just laying there wishing i didn’t have to get out of bed. it’s working good so far. of course, i want to start praying often throughout the day too…like an open dialogue type thing…but one step at a time.

  5. Ashley · September 15, 2009

    I have the same rule about the soda; I allow myself to have one a week and I usually save it for Saturday or Friday night, so I know I can sit down and enjoy it.
    Also, it helps me during the week b/c I think if I wait til Saturday, I can have one and not feel guilty about it.

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