rules are hard to follow/implement!
im doing ok…some rules are easier than others.  
one thing i wish i had more of is discipline and self control so hopefully these rules will help with that.  anyways………..

i’ve been sick the past few days.  around 2 weeks ago casey had a cold that lasted around 3 days.  i actually thought for a couple days that i had escaped getting it but no…i got it.  i started feeling bad on friday and felt awful saturday, sunday, and monday.  today i woke up and felt better…not 1oo% but much better…so im thinking tomorrow i will be good.  woohoo!

i love my puppies.  bella and ellie are already bffs and it makes me so happy.  they are playing more and more each day.  every time i come home i let bella out, say hi to her, then say “let’s go get ellie!” and she runs to the back room where ellie is.  i let ellie out and she jumps up on me to say hi and then her and bella run down the hall together.  it’s precious.  they also share their toys pretty good.  my favorite thing they do (other than wrestling) is when they play tug.  ellie just stands or lays there while bella tugs with all her might.  it’s humorous.  i have a video of them playing that i’ll get casey to put up soon. 

ok thats all for now.
wish me luck on my rules.


One comment

  1. thepattons · September 16, 2009

    our puppies are the best!

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